Reflections on Love and Sex


Jordan · Bass / Composer Arranger
Roslyn & Austin · Horn
Mara · Clarinet
Amelia · Flute
Shaun · Sax
Alex · Cello
Amanda & Ivana · Violin
Brenna · Viola
Julie · Vocals

Beck Reader

Intermission/ Break / Drinks

Rouge by Em Demaison
Trois Chansons de Bilitis by Claude Debussy

This show features songs from the Beck Reader arranged for mezzo Julie Nesrallah, a reading from the erotic novel Rouge by Em Demaison and the French erotic songs by composer Claude Debussy, entitled Chansons de Bilitis. 

About the programThe Beck Reader is an homage to the Tin Pan Alley days, originally released as sheet music only. Beck opened the door to interpretation and exploration. The songs have been dramatically, and romantically, developed by Euphonia’s resident composer Jordan O’Connor. The second set features two chapters form the erotic novel Rouge read by Julie, with an underscore by Jordan. The two chapters presented begins the story of a woman who, after the end of a passionless marriage, seeks to affirm her own sexual desires as she takes the trip she was too nervous to take when she was younger and reaffirm her passionate nature. Finally we turn to Debussy and the double entendre of the symbolist poverty of Pierre Louÿs.

    This concert explores Sex and Romance. We live in a culture that is direct about sex but not about intimacy. People may be having lots of sex but feel horribly alone. As such sexuality is often expressed impersonally and even aggressively. The inclusion of erotica in both song (Debussy) and recitation (The novel Rouge) is an exploration of sexual intimacy.

    The performance is an opportunity to reflect on sex and our sexuality, taking a seductive look at intimacy and sex; in contrast to the more pornographic way sex is often conveyed and experienced.


About the Group: This concert feature the Euphonia 9, made up of string quintet (2 violins, viola, cello and bass) and flute, clarinet, alto sax and horn. 


Special Guest: Our special guest is the tremendously expressive and dynamic mezzo soprano singer Julie Nesrallah. Julie has performed around the world, she's featured on many recordings, most recently with the Gryphon Trio. Also well Julie has brought opera to bars with her production of Carmen On Tap.