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  • 155 Walnut Avenue
  • Toronto, ON, M6J
  • Canada

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"Sexual violence is perpetuated by society’s indignation towards the victim, often women. If we turn away and do not listen, if we shun and doubt every aspect of what they went through and do so in the name of the law, than we are rationalizing sexual violence in the same way the assaulter says, “She wanted it.” We become the abuser! No one wants to be assaulted, abused, thrown to the curb and maligned for not being a good enough witness of the abuse they suffered. Doubting the victims out of a paranoid sense that all victims of sexual violence are just out to get men, or through biased structure of the legal system is societies ways of maintaining the status quo of sexual violence. Any decision that plays such a role in society need to itself be called into question, needs to be challenged but above all we need to stop and listen to the woman."